In the ever-evolving landscape of property development and refurbishment, a crucial and sometimes overlooked part of the process is the need to obtain a Licence for Alterations (LTA). This licence ensures that all works are conducted within the guidelines of the respective block, as well as an individual’s Lease terms.

An LTA also offers assurances to future purchasers, that any alterations were carried out in line with the necessary statutory requirements, including Planning Permission, Building Control sign-off, and where required, Listed Building Consent.

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Methodological approach
Performance management
Abiding to statutory requirements
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At Faraday, we are committed to meticulously implementing the LTA process, making sure that every aspect of your home refurbishment is professionally handled, and allows for the following core services:


Before any refurbishment works commence, we obtain the relevant security deposit from the leaseholder. This practice safeguards against potential unforeseen complications or damages that could arise during this process.


The initial proposal review, which includes reviewing plans, works specifications, method statements and other documents, ensures that all potential issues are addressed and appropriate precautions are taken before work begins.


We conduct regular site visits to monitor the various aspects of the refurbishment. Key points for inspection can include the installation of acoustic underlay, tanking/waterproofing, demolition and construction, and the general progress of the works.