Your customer portal, Faraday Connect, designed for owners and residents, is a revolutionary platform.

Faraday Connect is designed to significantly enhance our service delivery by giving our customers better access to information, providing new and effective ways of communication, and offering greater transparency in respect of what we do for you and your development.

If you are already registered to Faraday Connect, you can access your account here.

Enhanced communication
Streamlined processes
Fosters community


With Faraday Connect, customers can view enquiries raised and track progress in real time. This is achieved through the portal’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard, at the click of a few buttons.

The portal is a hub of transparent information relating to your development, such as key building and leasehold documents, which are stored in one place, making it easy to retrieve safely and on demand. You never have to worry about your information being visible to anybody else.

Directors will have enhanced access to information, and a designated communication platform to assist you and your Property Manager to quickly and efficiently agree on solutions.

Faraday Connect provides greater connectivity within residential communities, through an online resident’s forum. Here, you can contribute to discussions and share your views with other residents on topics that relate to your block.



Information specific to your property and our services. View key building and leasehold documents safely and receive guidance on subletting, engaging contractors for work and selling your home.


Report any specific issues that you may have quickly using the ‘Request’ function. You can track open requests that you and other residents have raised and see when they have been resolved.


Faraday Connect instantly opens up a seamless and efficient way to receive updates and communicate digitally between Property Managers, owners, leaseholders, tenants and contractors alike, with ease and speed.


This is for owners only. Have secure access to the latest budget, service charge account information and how to make payment.


Get advice on being a good neighbour or how to deal with antisocial behaviour. You can even raise posts for discussion with your neighbours.


Find details of your Property Management team and how to contact them. There is also the opportunity to provide feedback.


As your property management agent, we are continuously striving to improve the way in which Faraday operates and how we communicate with our clients. Faraday Connect will enhance our service provision and make communication much simpler and more time-efficient for all.

In today’s increasingly digital world, staying connected and informed is more important than ever.

By way of enhancing ease of use and accessibility to the portal, we will be launching a Faraday Connect app, which marks a significant step towards emphasising our commitment to service excellence.

Connect with your property management team effortlessly
Access the portal using any mobile device, anytime and anywhere
Enhanced security with improved account protection
An overall improved user experience

Access the portal via the app anywhere and anytime. You can download the app by scanning the QR code below or visiting the App Store or Google Play.

Faraday Connect